Merry Christmas, Baby

It’s Naughty Stocking Season 2022!

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Longtime listeners of our podcast know that one of our cherished holiday traditions is exchanging naughty stockings with one another. We put a lot of time and thought into selecting sexy treats for one another and set aside one evening out of the holiday bustle when it can be just the two of us—even if that means booking a hotel for a night to do it—to exchange our stockings and explore their contents together, privately.

What is a Naughty Stocking?

Like traditional Christmas stockings, we’re not talking about the kind you wear here (although some very naughty stockings could be in a naughty stocking). Naughty stockings get filled with sexy treats you want to share with your partner. Any item small enough to fit in a stocking can be included, just so long as the item is meant to make the recipient feel sexy and appreciated.

Naughty Stocking stuffers can range from every expensive (but teensy) lingerie to very inexpensive (but useful) ties for holding hair out of the way during oral sex. It could be a male sex toy he’d never have bought for himself, or a tube of flavored lube. You’re probably getting the idea here, but if you need some inspiration, read on for our 2022 suggestion list.

Why Carve Out Time for This?

The holidays are lots of things, and no one can deny that one of those things is busy. Especially if you have children (even grown children, which often come with grandchildren), the holidays are often all about going places, doing things, shopping, gifting, eating, traveling, and visiting. Why in the world would we make things difficult on ourselves by scheduling a night amid all of that just for exchanging stockings one-on-one?

The answer: Because it’s not making things difficult on ourselves so much as it is honoring the importance of our relationship—including the sexual aspect of our relationship. We carve out time each year for one-on-one sexiness amid the general hubbub of the holidays because we are madly in love with each other and want to express that during this season of love. We do it because it’s a way to value us a couple.

The WGT Naughty Stocking Suggestion List 2022

Just in case you’re in need of some inspiration, and some discount codes. You can download it here.

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