Sexy Holiday Traditions

Making couple time at the holidays is just as important as making family time.

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3 min readNov 12, 2023
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Years ago, we started a holiday tradition that we like to call “Naughty Stocking Night.” The premise is pretty simple, really. We purposefully set aside one night each Christmas season to make a fire, have a cocktail or two, and gift each other a few items we’ve selected with sensuality, sex, and indulgence in mind.

Part of the fun of Naughty Stocking Night is the build up — finding and purchasing sexy gifts for each other and anticipating the outcome. It injects a bit of spice into all the wholesomeness of the season, and that’s not a bad thing.

Why We Do It

It’s very easy, with all the holiday hubbub of family and friends and social obligations, to neglect celebrating our sexual relationship as a couple. We tend to spend a lot of time cleaning and cooking and buying and prepping for others. We put a lot of energy into either hosting or traveling or both. The result can be that we wake up on January 1 and realize that we’ve barely connected as a couple at all since well before Thanksgiving.

How We Do It

One key is to set aside the date in advance and protect it. If that means needing to get away to a hotel for the evening because home is filled with kids and relatives, then that’s what we do. It’s not only okay to do, we think it’s really smart to prioritize our relationship for one night out of the season. Look, far too often couples relegate their sexual relationship to the back-burner in favor of all the other obligations of life. Making sure something like Naughty Stocking Night happens once a year helps us maintain better balance.

Once the night is selected and it’s go-time, we try to set the mood by dressing sexy for the occasion, putting on some music, sharing a nice meal, having a fire, making some cocktails, and then taking turns revealing what we’ve gotten each other in our naughty stockings.

After that, well….let’s just say it’s an all night celebration.

What Goes in a Naughty Stocking?

What we put in our naughty stockings varies from year to year. We tend to pick things up during our travels and sexy escapades throughout the year, with naughty stocking night in mind. Some standard item categories seem ubiquitous, though:

  • a sex toy (or two)
  • a fun lubricant
  • lingerie for her, sexy skivvies for him
  • a new cologne or perfume
  • sexy coupons or IOUs
  • sexy games, dice, or cards

You can probably think of more items and it’s always smart to cater what you gift to your partner’s tastes. Pretty much anything sexy that would fit in a generous-sized stocking will do.

One Last Tip

Naughty Stocking Night should be fun, light-hearted, and stress-free. The holidays are jam-packed with expectations and obligations. It would be a shame to let something exciting and romantic like Naughty Stocking Night become “just one more thing to do.” If making it an all-night thing is too much, scale back to a couple of hours in the bedroom.

If the budget doesn’t allow extravagant gifts, keep them simple (but sexy) — a small container of massage oil along with a coupon for a full body massage is a cheap but wonderful surprise! Think of things you can do for each other as much as items you can give to each other.

The point is to connect and prioritize your sexual relationship at a time when it’s super easy to neglect it…and to have some couple fun. Turns out, being naughty can be very very nice.

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